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couple-731890_1920Improving Libido and sexual health involves more than just a few aphrodisiac herbs. Although these herbs will greatly increase your sexual desire, arousal, and improve function, it will not be a permanent solution unless combined with the proper foods, and the proper exercise.

Although some of the herbs mentioned here work relatively fast, it is very important to note that these herbs must be consumed daily, for a period of a few months to fully rejuvenate the reproductive system and achieve long-lasting results. These herbs are not the same as taking western pharmaceutical medicines like Viagra. These herbs nourish, rejuvenate, and restore the reproductive systems to a healthy state. In some cases, people are able to regain the sexual desire and abilities they had when much younger.

In Ayurvedic Medicine, the medicinal herbs mentioned below fall in a pharmacological category known as “rejuvenating”. They rejuvenate the entire body, counteract the effects of stress and improve health and vigor. In pharmacological terms, they can fall into the categories of adaptogens, anabolic agents, stimulants, aphrodisiacs, immuno-modulators, impotence Agents, and vasodilators.

Evidence-Based Remedies:

Make sure to use these herbs under the proper supervision of a health professional trained to use them – to book a consultation with me, Click Here.

For Men:

Increase Sexual Desire & Erections with Maca

This vegetable is a potent libido booster which has been traditionally grown in Peru. In traditional medicine, it has been used for increasing energy, enhancing sexual desire, improving mood and treating anemia. Clinical research has supported its use for increasing sexual desire and erections (see study 1 & study 2)

For Women:

Increase Sexual Desire & Function with Ashwagandha

As mentioned previously, Ashwagandha has many benefits related to overall health, strength, stamina and hormone output. Female sexual enhancement requires improvement in the various aspects of female sexual function such as lubrication, orgasm, arousal and more. In a clinical trial, Ashwagandha was able to enhance all of these along with improved sexual satisfaction (see study). Apart from the physiological benefits of Ashwagandha, it also helps reduce anxiety and stress (see study). When stressed out or anxious, vaginal lubrication may be hampered.

For Both:

– Improve Sexual Performance with Ashwagandha

This herb is a potent aphrodisiac and is used in Ayurvedic Medicine for treating sexual debility, erectile dysfunction, infertility, low sperm count and various other conditions. It contains natural steroidal lactones and alkaloids (Withnanine etc) and has a significantly positive effect on the bodies ability to adapt to stress. Research has proven its efficacy in improving athletic performance, seminal motility and lean mass; increasing testosterone, power output, and sperm count; reducing fatigue, pain, anxiety, cortisol levels and muscle recovery time – all of which goes a long way in improving sexual performance and stamina.

(Always use medicinal herbs under the supervision of a doctor)

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