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The Mind and Brain are two of the most important things in human life, as far as health goes. Mental, Neurological, Psychiatric, and Psychological health are areas in medicine that stand pretty tall in terms of importance.

I believe that we should not only focus on these areas of health when there are problems related to it, but we should also spend time improving its functionality. After all, intelligence, good memory, problem-solving, and the ability to learn are the abilities and traits that we all need. Improving these abilities and traits can improve one’s quality of life. Being able to improve such abilities, can aid us in every aspect of life, including making money, improving relationships, learning, communicating, and understanding.

Apart from healing and managing diseases linked to the brain and mind, I will be sharing information on improving their function as well.

Neurological & Psychiatric Conditions:

Alzheimer’s Disease
Parkinson’s Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Poor Memory
Brain Damage
Restless Leg Syndrome

Enhance Neurochemistry

L-Dopa & Carbidopa

Neurological Health Articles

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Ayurvedic Medicine offers a wide range of highly effective treatments for neurological and psychiatric conditions. One of those treatments is known as “Intra-Nasal Neuro-regenerative therapy” which involves the nasal administration of medicine in order to treat the brain via a direct pathway. Click the link below to learn more about this treatment.

Nasal Instillation (Nasya) & Its Neurological, Psychological, & Anti-Aging Effects