Hepatitis B – Natural/Ayurvedic Treatment (Evidence-Based)

Hepatitis B is well known for being one of the worst liver infections in which the liver becomes chronically inflamed. It is considered incurable and tends to be easily contracted via bodily fluids. The most common ways in which a person may contract this infection is sexual intercourse (vaginal or anal), sharing of needles or at birth (from mother to child). Hepatitis B is a chronic infection that can be fatal if left untreated. Some of the symptoms include:

-Yellowing of eyes (Jaundice)
-Abdominal Pain
-Dark Urine
-Loss of appetite
-Fluid retention in abdomen

Please note that self-diagnosis is dangerous. Always consult a physician and have the appropriate tests and exams done.

Hepatitis B is diagnosed with 3 tests:

-Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
-Hepatitis B Surface Antibody
-Hepatitis B Core Antibody

Lab tests also show elevated liver enzymes – a common indicator of hepatic inflammation.


1. HD – O3

In multiple clinical trials, an Ayurvedic (herbal) drug known as HD-03 has proven to be extremely effective in reducing the symptoms of Hepatitis B, including the reduction of liver enzymes. In several patients, the virus even became untraceable. While these studies demonstrated significant virological and biochemical benefits, it should be noted that the drug had no notable side-effects (See study)

While this drug is not sold in the USA (for obvious reasons), a well-versed Ayurvedic physician can formulate a similar combination. Click here to book a consultation with me.

2. Phyllanthus

Known for treating liver disorders in Ayurvedic medicine for literally 3000+ years, Phyllanthus is now going through clinical trials and showing much promise. In a preliminary study, chronic carriers of Hepatitis B were treated with a Phyllanthus herb preparation. 59% of the patients completely lost the Hepatitis B surface antigen compared to only 4% in the placebo group (see study). While most people feel that these results are amazing, as an Ayurvedic physician, I know that the results could have been even more impressive if the patients were put on an entire treatment protocol.

Please note that most of the western studies done on Ayurvedic drugs do not follow the principles of Ayurvedic treatment. Although they do still get pretty impressive results, it can be better.

The Phyllanthus supplement I recommend is this one.

3. Licorice Root and Probiotics

In clinical trials, Licorice root has been effective in fighting other forms of viral hepatitis and has been effective in reducing liver enzyme levels (see study). Licorice is a known hepato-protective herb and has gathered much attention for its’ potent antiviral properties.

Probiotics are also effective in treating the liver and are clinically proven to reduce liver enzymes (see study). Probiotics are the building blocks of our immune system. In order to effectively fight off infections, it is crucial to maintain and support our bodies with these healthy bacteria.

The Licorice root supplement I recommend is this one.
The Probiotic supplement I recommend is this one.

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(Always use medicinal herbs under the supervision of a doctor)
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by Dr. Nishal R.
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