December 1, 2020

8 thoughts on “COPD – Holistic/Ayurvedic Treatment

  1. My name is Avishek Jain I m from mihijam father is suffering from COPD.and is admitted in mission hospital Durgapur WB.i need ur help.

      1. Dr, My father 75yrs aged is suffering frm Parkinson plus since 2015 n Got wth COPD Prblm in 2017 n got fixed PEG tube in 2017 oct.Only liquid food every 1 hr ..110 ml for 17 times a day is given.But he is getting lean ..list soo much wait also.Daily suffrng wth cough .Can u pls help him out Dr…pls…i am unable to c his suffrng ….My mom 73 yrs aged is suffrng wth Fatty liver since 2017. She doesn’t wann to use Allopathy n now not using medcns for it since 6 months.She is diabetic using 18cc i dilim daily wth oral medcns.Can u help her out also…i will b vry vry thankfull if u can.

    1. Sir my father is 76 yrs old and is suffering from copd since 2018 at present his lev1 is 42 p.c (pft done in mid august 20) father has undergone angioplasty once in 2013 and once in 2017.He also prostrate and glaucoma.
      His medicines are as below
      Prostrate -urimax d
      Glaucoma-travaton and misopt
      Cardialogy-. Deplat cv,bislol h 2.5,cilacar t.
      Copd-duolin( bd),and foracot (bd) for nebulization
      Abflo n (od),ceptum,medrol
      Now he has swelling in face and increased complaint of tiredness also multiple attacks of copd keep on occuring twice to thrice a day,quality of life is deeply impacted.

      Can he be relieved/cured and quality of life be improved with ayurvedic treatment,if yes please advice how to visit/consult you .
      Can ayurvedic medication be run along allopathic medicines.

  2. Hi ,
    My name is Gaurav from Ludhiana . Few days back I had a breathing problem and visited a Ayurvedic doctor near my residence . . She has taken some of the blood test and is given me bed therapy as well medicine . I need a second advice , can u help me .

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