How to Fix Wrinkles, Saggy Skin, and Signs of Aging.

One of the most obvious signs of aging is the development of wrinkles and saggy skin. Facial skin has a hard time maintaining its health and elasticity due to multiple factors including less use of facial muscles, poor nutrition, dehydration, stress, excessive makeup use, poor circulation, smoking, alcohol, and several other things. While there are tons… Read More How to Fix Wrinkles, Saggy Skin, and Signs of Aging.

Hypothyroidism – Effective Natural Treatment

Thyroid problems are becoming rather common these days. Allopathic medicine is only able to provide symptomatic relief meaning you’re pretty much going to be taking those drugs for life. Some doctors immediately suggest surgery for many of these patients (especially in the case of Thyroiditis), which is extremely foolish in my opinion. Ayurvedic Medicine however,… Read More Hypothyroidism – Effective Natural Treatment

Painful Intercourse In Females – Natural Treatment

Dyspareunia is a troubling condition characterized by difficult or painful sexual intercourse. The pain is experienced in the genital area and may occur during intercourse, foreplay, or attempted intercourse. The pain may be mild in nature or severe, and may even change in severity with different positions. The pain may occur at any point during… Read More Painful Intercourse In Females – Natural Treatment