Hepatitis B – Natural/Ayurvedic Treatment (Evidence-Based)

Hepatitis B is well known for being one of the worst liver infections in which the liver becomes chronically inflamed. It is considered incurable and tends to be easily contracted via bodily fluids. The most common ways in which a person may contract this infection is sexual intercourse (vaginal or anal), sharing of needles or… Read More Hepatitis B – Natural/Ayurvedic Treatment (Evidence-Based)

Increase Dopamine Naturally With One Herb

Most people turn to drugs and alcohol when they want to relax and feel good. This is because drugs and alcohol increase Dopamine, a neuro-transmitter which is responsible for the pleasurable feeling experienced with these substances. The problem with these options is that they cause severe damage to multiple organs including the brain, liver and… Read More Increase Dopamine Naturally With One Herb

Ease Acidity & GERD With Ayurvedic Medicine

Acidity & GERD are caused by an imbalance of stomach acid (HCl) and an improperly functioning esophageal sphincter. In Ayurvedic Medicine, we call this acid, “Pitta”. Pitta is a bio-humor responsible for several physiological functions but is not limited to its association with Hydrochloric Acid. In these conditions, the increase of pitta in the stomach… Read More Ease Acidity & GERD With Ayurvedic Medicine