Clinically-Proven Weight Loss Remedies

Everyday people worldwide are searching for how to lose weight fast and without exercise. The problem is, weight loss is a goal that is seldom achieved by taking pills and supplements due to the fact that most of the products out there are ineffective and based on premature research which is usually carried out on animals rather than humans. Many of these supplements are marketed off of their so-called “traditional uses” or based on the fact that the people who live where the so-called berry or herb comes from are all very lean. The companies marketing these products fail to mention that the people in these places also live in poverty and don’t have enough to eat in order to become obese. On top of this, patients sometimes opt for surgeries such as gastric bypass and liposuction to lose weight, however, gastric bypass patients are constantly developing nutritional deficiencies. … Read More Clinically-Proven Weight Loss Remedies

Detoxification And Rejuvenation Through Breathing by Dr. Nishal R.

Detoxification And Rejuvenation Through Breathing By Dr. Nishal R. In yogic science, there are cleansing procedures known as “kriyas”. These practices are used to rid the body of excess mucus, fat and toxic matter in order to prepare the body for proper yogic practices. Yoga focus’s on the union of the body, mind and spirit… Read More Detoxification And Rejuvenation Through Breathing by Dr. Nishal R.