December 1, 2020

4 thoughts on “Multiple Sclerosis – Natural Treatment (Part 1)

  1. Hello Dr. Nishal,

    My wife is an MS Patient since 1990 and she s 65 years old. She is on Ocrevus 2 x yearly. However, she used to be on Gilenya for 3 years and it lowered her H&H to the point where surgery was almost denied for a fractured femur due to a fall in Oct. 2016. Her Neurologist took her off of Gilenya and she was without anything for over 6 months when she started Ocrevus. She is bedridden and cannot move he lower extremities. She is PLAGUED with UTI’S and gets antibiotics almost 2x monthly. Is there ANY hope for her to walk again? Is there ANY NATURAL remedy for the UTI’S? THANKS for your help; Sam

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