Multiple Sclerosis – Natural Treatment (Part 1)

head-254866Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an auto-immune and neuro-degenerative condition in which the body’s own immune system attacks and destroys the protective sheath that covers nerve fibers by inducing neuro-inflammation. This protective sheath is called “Myelin”. Myelin is a fatty substance that insulates the axons of nerve cells, and protects it. As Myelin degrades, is causes trouble in communication between the brain and body. Eventually, people lose most of their voluntary functions. In some cases though, the disease enters remission.

Symptoms vary greatly from person to person.

Generally, they include:

– Fatigue
– Numbness in limbs
– Coordination and balance trouble
– Vision problems including blindness and/or double vision
– Trouble with speech
– Loss of bowel and bladder control
– Tingling and pain in multiple parts of the body
– Tremors
– Muscle stiffness
– Paralysis
– Depression
– Memory loss

In order to reduce these symptoms, we need to stop the immune system from continuing to wreck havoc. So the first step of treatment is to stop the immune system’s adverse effects, without compromising our health. This is accomplished by reducing neuro-inflammation.

Treatment Part 1

Reduce Neuro-Inflammation

Neuro-inflammation is the inflammation of neurons as a result of the immune system being signaled to attack. This inflammatory process causes the break down and degradation of myelin and the formation of lesions. By inhibiting neuro-inflammation, we can slow down the break down of myelin, if not stop it. Thus, slowing down disease progression. When done properly, together with the steps mentioned in Parts 2, 3, and 4, we can significantly raise our odds of pushing the disease into remission.

Several foods have been linked to a reduction and inhibition of neuro-inflammation. These foods include:


Studies have linked the consumption of these foods to a reduction in neuro-inflammation. For example, studies have shown that Ginger, via a key active constituent known as 10-gingerol, can significantly reduce neuro-inflammation.

Similary, in cinnamon, a chemical known as cinnamaldehyde has been linked to reduction in neuro-inflammation.

Studies on Turmeric’s key chemical constituent “curcumin” together with “apigenin” have been linked to a reduction in neuro-inflammation.

Clinically, I have witnessed positive results with the use of these spices in a number of auto-immune conditions, including MS.

Consuming a Curcumin supplement daily may be quite beneficial, combined with black pepper or a “Piperine” supplement. Piperine, the key chemical constituent in Black pepper is able to boost the bio-availability of Curcumin and enhance its absorption. Turmeric is usually consumed with a lipid dtug carrier, so people tend to look for a lipid based curcumin supplement. However, in the case of MS or any other neurological condition, the correct drug carrier to use would be raw honey. This is because honey travels to the brain within minutes, whereas lipids are used to bypass the liver thys reducing gastric discomfort however, take much longer to reach the brain. Honey prevents gastric discomfort too, and is also more pharmacologically active than lipids especially when it comes to its neurological effects.

So, take a curcumin or turmeric supplement together with a black pepper supplement and a half teaspoon of raw honey.

Alternatively, you can just consume Turmeric with Black pepper in warm water, boiled raw milk, coconut milk or almond milk. This is also known as “golden milk” in the natural health community.

Adding these spices to your meals daily is also a very effective way to prevent and reduce neuro-inflammation. This is believed to be the reason why neuro-degenerative diseases are less common in India, where these spices are used frequently

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  1. Hello Dr. Nishal,

    My wife is an MS Patient since 1990 and she s 65 years old. She is on Ocrevus 2 x yearly. However, she used to be on Gilenya for 3 years and it lowered her H&H to the point where surgery was almost denied for a fractured femur due to a fall in Oct. 2016. Her Neurologist took her off of Gilenya and she was without anything for over 6 months when she started Ocrevus. She is bedridden and cannot move he lower extremities. She is PLAGUED with UTI’S and gets antibiotics almost 2x monthly. Is there ANY hope for her to walk again? Is there ANY NATURAL remedy for the UTI’S? THANKS for your help; Sam

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