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Penis enlargement is by far, one of the most commonly searched for topics on the internet. Advertisements can be found in almost every newspaper’s classified section, adult entertainment websites, health blogs, and even in public advertising places. The history of Penis enlargement “remedies” goes back for centuries, however, how does one determine which one works and which doesn’t? While this may be a very desired thing, there aren’t too many clinical studies validating the efficacy of any of these remedies.

However, in this article, I will discuss methods that have a history of success as well as a penis-extender that has been proven useful in a clinical study.

Penis Enlargement Options

1. Jelq or Jelqing

Believed to have originated in the middle east, this exercise involves “milking” the penis in order to increase blood flow and gently stretch out the entire penis by making an “ok” sign with your thumb and index finger and stroking the penis while it is in a semi-erect state. According to multiple online forums and testimonials, this exercise works as long as it is done consistently and in the proper way.

Pre-Jelq workout Routine

– The penis must be semi-erect (60-70%), not fully erect or flaccid
– Lubricate the penis with a safe lubricant (I recommend a male enhancement oil such as This One)
– Relax

How to Jelq (Seven Steps)

– Make an “OK” hand sign with your thumb and index finger
– Hold the penis at its base with your fingers in this shape
– Milk the penis while gripped from the base of the penis to the base of the glans (as if stroking the penis)
– Each Jelq should last at least 3 seconds
– Breath calmly
– Stop at the base of the glans (do not go over the glans)
– Repeat
– Continue this for at least 100 jelqs (strokes), increase it a little each day

Do this once a day. 

Jelqing Nutrition

Certain nutrients are needed to promote growth such as:
– Vitamin D3
– Vitamin A
– Iron
– Protein
– Cholesterol
– Fats

Supplements that promote growth:
Mucuna Pruriens
Tongkat Ali

NOTE: Ashwagandha Oil and Shrigopal Oil are used in Ayurvedic Medicine to promote growth – these may be used as lubricants or to massage the penis and testes daily (Use warm oil, 20 minutes before showering)

2. Penis Enlargement Devices That Work:


This penis extender has been used in a clinical study, demonstrating its efficacy in extending the length of the penis. In another study, the device demonstrated milk improvement in penile curvature as well.

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This penis extender also demonstrated an increase in length and demonstrated potential to increase girth as well.

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(Always use medicinal herbs under the supervision of a doctor)
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