Insomnia: Simple Remedies

bloodshot-1294920_1280Insomnia can be pretty troublesome, especially when you have a busy lifestyle that requires you to wake up early.

Here are a few simple tips to assist you in falling asleep: 

A handful of Almonds, or a glass of warm almond milk are heavy enough to reduce the excessive mental activity and induce sleep. Almonds contain magnesium which is essential for health as well as sleep. In studies, its been seen that magnesium can reduce “Cortisol” the stress hormone that has the ability to cause Insomnia.

Walnuts can be eaten a few hours before bed to help increase Melatonin – the sleep inducing hormone. Walnuts themselves contain Melatonin and Tryptophan which aid in managing insomnia. Walnut oil, can be warmed, applied to the head and lightly massaged to help induce sleep. 

Brazil Nuts! A Study at Pennsylvania University concluded that eating Brazil nuts with a glass of milk before bed is able to induce sound sleep. This may be due to the large amount of Selenium, Potassium and Calcium contained in this combination.

Chamomile, a sedative herb, can be taken as a tea. Chamomile tea has become very common, and can be purchased at almost any grocery store. 1-2 cups of this tea will definitely put you to sleep.

Rapid blinking! By blinking fast for about 1 minute, your eye muscles become mildly fatigued. It is easier to fall asleep when you have tired eyes.

Slow Breathing! Try inhaling as slowly as possibly for about 30 seconds, then exhaling just as slow for 30 seconds. Take a break for about 10 seconds and then repeat. This calms the mind and may assist in helping you fall asleep.

If you are suffering with chronic insomnia, it may be due to an underlining condition. In such cases, please contact a doctor and get the proper medical treatment.

(Always use medicinal herbs under the supervision of a doctor)
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