Multiple Sclerosis – Natural Treatment (Part 3)

brain-1845962_1920In part 1 and part 2, I discussed methods of reducing neuro-inflammation in order to slow down disease progression, as well as a way to stimulate nerve growth and significantly enhance neurological health. These factors play an important role in triggering the process of healing, however, in order for the brain to completely heal, we must provide it with the proper nourishment to rebuild itself.

Most nutritionists and naturopaths talk about the importance of minerals like magnesium, vitamins like B12 and even Choline, Tryptophan and L-Dopa. However, the most important nutrient for the brain is Fat.

After all, Myelin is a fatty substance.

High Fat Diet

Myelin is a “Fatty” substance. In order to rebuild Myelin, the body requires the raw materials responsible for the formation of it. To better understand this, let me give you another example: If a person had loss of weight and muscle wasting, we would put them on a high protein diet to replenish and rebuild muscle tissue. In the same way, the brain and nerves are predominanyly fat, that includes Myelin. So in order to rebuild it, we must include fat and cholesterol in the diet.

The following is a list of healthy fat sources:

Vegetable Fats:
-Pure Butter
-Cottage Cheese
-Olive Oil
Almonds, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, Cashew Nuts

Meat Fats:
-Grass fed beef (In small quantities)
-Chicken Thighs
-Prawns, Shrimp, Seafood


Anti-oxidants help prevent the effects of oxidation which include inflammation and DNA damage. Anti-oxidants help to speed up healing in inflammatory (autoimmune) conditions by preventing cellular damage through neutralization of cellular waste, also known as free radicals. Oxidative stress is the cause of a long list of conditions, especially autoimmune diseases, and should be reduced with the daily consumption of anti-oxidant rich foods.

Consume enough antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables like blueberries, pomegranate, pineapple, carrots, prunes, raspberries, cherries, spinach, kale, broccoli, beetroot, onions, eggplant, etc.

One of the most powerful anti-oxidants is known as Astaxanthin, and is found in seafood like Salmon, Lobster, Crab, Shrimp, Red Seabream and Crawfish. These foods are also great sources of healthy fats and cholesterol.

As always, avoid junk food, GMO foods, refined carbohydrates, and excessive red meat.

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