Multiple Sclerosis – Natural Treatment (Part 4)

neuron-296581_1280The 4th part of MS treatment involves correcting Insulin resistance and countering the effects of stress.

MS is characterized by an auto-immune reaction that involves the breakdown of Myelin (the insulation around neurons) via the process of neuro-inflammation. However, the fact that all MS patients tend to also have insulin resistance, gives us the clue that “stress” may play a central role in this disease. This is due to the fact that stress stimulates the HPA axis, which involves the Hypothalamus, Pituitary and Adrenal glands, and causes certain pathological effects when chronically occurring such as increased inflammation, increased blood sugar due to insulin resistance and more.


On the other hand, insulin resistance on its own, may be linked to the development of MS too. Due to the fact that the causative factors of MS are not well understood, it is unclear whether insulin resistance is the causative factor or simply another symptoms of MS. Since Insulin resistance is quite unhealthy and a dangerous condition, I would recommend correcting it in addition to counteracting the effects of stress.

Correct Insulin Resistance

To correct insulin resistance, the use of 2 trace minerals is required: Chromium and Vanadium. These 2 minerals enable the proper functioning of insulin receptors which results in the ability to absorb and utilize glucose. These minerals can be found together in 2 food sources: Black Pepper and Mushrooms.

Alternatively, using a Chromium and Vanadium supplement can be used, however, it is better to get your nutrients from food.


As far as stress is concerned, the only way to truly reduce it, is to remove the thing that is causing you to be stressed. However, this is not always possible. Luckily, in Part 2 I mentioned the use of an adaptogen herb known as Ashwagandha. This herb not only regrows nerves and brain tissue, but it also counteracts the effects of stress and reduces the stress hormone “cortisol” drastically. So make sure to read Part 2, as well as Part 1 & Part 3 to get a full protocol.

Other things that reduce stress include:

-Nature Walks
-Sexual Intercourse
-Listening to music
-Yoga & Pranayama
-Tai Chi

I strongly suggest incorporating these things into your life as much as possible, since stress is considered to be a key player in the development of chronic disease.

(Always use medicinal herbs under the supervision of a doctor)
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  1. We all know that meditation has very beneficial affects on our body, however if you just can’t get into it like myself, there is another way. I have discovered adult coloring as a way to reduce stress. Studies show that it provides some of the same benefits as meditation. It can be done at home anytime & with no special training. Its a way to discover your inner artist & unleashes all the creativity that most of us lose as adults. Actually any creative endeavor works as well.

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